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FC Bayern: Bayern fans’ anti-Hoeneß poster” | Sports

by archyde

After his “double pass” call |

Anti-Hoeneß poster by Bayern fans

That drives Bayern fans crazy!

Actually, the supporters of the record champions had every reason to celebrate. After a few minutes, Munich lead in the crisis game against Leverkusen. Instead of being happy, fans let their frustration against ex-boss Uli Hoeneß run free with a banner held up.

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It’s about the long-running issue of Qatar!

A few minutes after kick-off, the south stand holds up a banner. This three-part poster reads in capital letters: “State visits, training camps, thousands of deaths to celebrate the World Cup… It’s only better for your own conscience, Uli H.!”

That's what the banner from the south curve says

That’s what the banner from the south curve says

Photo: Marcel Engelbrecht/firo Sportphoto

The anti-honess poster is the answer to the statement made by Hainer’s predecessor in the Sport-1 double pass.

What happened?

Ex-Bundesliga manager Andreas Rettig (59) commented on the TV show on Sunday about the conditions of the workers in the host country and FC Bayern for its advertising contract with Qatar Airways.

Then a real battle of words ensued when suddenly Uli Hoeneß, not invited as a guest, turned on the phone. It rattled on live TV.

Bavaria’s honorary president does not let the Rettig words sit and rumbles loose. Calls Qatar critic Rettig the “king of hypocrites”. And asks him if he’d rather take cold showers in winter and do without the gas from Qatar that the federal government buys there.

Then he defends Bayern. “The World Cup and the commitment of FC Bayern and other sports activities will ensure that working conditions in Qatar improve. Only Qatar is discussed, not Dubai, Kuwait and so on. The only country where things are getting better is Qatar.”

A group of Bayern fans sees it differently and they showed it clearly on Friday evening in the Allianz Arena.

And during the second round, the supporters also show their solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Iran.

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