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Nagelsmann criticizes his stars

1:1 again. At Bayern there is the first stunk after the second Bundesliga draw!

Coach Julian Nagelsmann complained at the press conference after the game: “Unfortunately, the energy level was not at the level it was last.”


He still pushes: “But that happens. Union defends passionately. In the first half we had two huge chances, in the second half we had two top situations that we didn’t play well.”

It shows: After the convincing start to the season, there is now the first small dent. Nagelsmann (understandably) expects more from his team.

At the end of the PK, the coach says again: “We have to have the same energy level as in the games before. I don’t know why this is currently missing. There are a thousand reasons.”

Sadio Mané didn’t have his best day


Midfielder Marcel Sabitzer is taking a similar direction: “We’re definitely not satisfied. We were sometimes missing the toxicity.” Thomas Müller, on the other hand, says: “Overall, everything is okay. I can only congratulate Union Berlin. We played a decent game.”

Nagelsmann said of the result: “In the end, the result is not undeserved for either team, even if we were perhaps closer. We have to settle for the point.”

Bayern only played 1-1 last weekend. The Nagelsmann team ran for 90 minutes against Gladbach, but failed because of themselves and goalkeeper Yann Sommer.

Bayern weren’t that superior to Union. Because: The Irons defended compactly, in the end, with Frederik Rönnow, a strong goalkeeper stood in the way again.

During the week it is in the Champions League against Inter Milan, on Saturday against VfB Stuttgart. Two teams that are not necessarily known for their offensive style of play.

Two new attempts for Nagelsmann to adjust his stars to compact defending and to ignite the right “energy level” …

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