FC Bayern Munich wins the top Bundesliga game thanks to Lewandowski

EThere’s this story, which has been told in ever new variations over the past few years: An ambitious Bundesliga club, sometimes Borussia Dortmund, sometimes RB Leipzig, often wins, fans dream of the title, but at some point FC Bayern Munich will come and – gladly in a direct duel – it’s clear who the hegemon of the Bundesliga is. On Saturday evening Bayer Leverkusen welcomed Bayern as championship leaders and held a 1-1 draw until stoppage time. Until Robert Lewandowski scored the winning goal to make it 1: 2. Bayern had struck again.

“What a year we played,” said the Pole, who was awarded on Thursday by the world association Fifa, on Sky. “We always want more. And I hope that we will continue to score like this next year. ”His team had“ the game under control ”. “A big compliment for what we did as a team,” he said. “That was a sensational year.”

Conceding a late goal was bitter for Bayer 04. They were the clearly better team in the first half hour and took the lead early with a nice trick. Six days earlier against TSG Hoffenheim, Leon Bailey had scored after a clever corner variation, now they pretended to try a copy of this goal, which Bayern must have studied in their game preparation.

The first phase of the corner looked just like the coup the week before, but then Nadiem Amiri hit the ball in the back of the Munich penalty area, where Patrik Schick lurked and volleyed to make it 1-0 (14th). Another gem in the large collection of wonderful seasonal goals that Bayer Leverkusen now has. And the Champions League winner was 1-0 down for the sixth time in a row.


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