FC Copenhagen. “Kamil Wilczek cannot walk the streets in peace. It is pure hatred, bomb, madness”

Kamil Wilczek recently signed a contract with FC Copenhagen, although for four years he played in the team of the new team’s biggest rival, Broendy. Danish journalist Johnny Kokborg does not hide in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy” that his country has been in turmoil after this transfer. In his opinion, the Polish footballer is not safe in the capital of Denmark.

When Kamil Wilczek represented Broendby, he became the best league scorer in the history of this team. The fans loved him, but after six months everything turned to hate. The Pole moved from Göztepe to FC Copenhagen, the eternal rival of the former team.

Bröndby fans were in front of the stadium and protested, there was a lot of media, photographers, cameras. Nothing special has happened yet, but on September 20, in the second round, there will be the Copenhagen derby. Bröndby fans will surely go crazy. There are also hooligans among them says Kokborg.

I am a little worried about Kamil Wilczek, if he really understands that he cannot walk the streets calmly. Previously he lived near Bröndby Stadium. Yesterday he said half-jokingly that he wouldn’t be living there anymore, but I don’t know if he really understands what he has done and that he has to be careful where he goes. Of course, in the center of Copenhagen that won’t be a problem, but in Bröndby he has to look back. Maybe FC Kopehaga’s authorities should arrange some protection for him – added.

In the new team, not all fans look favorably on the Pole. This can change if it looks good in new colors. However, he must be aware that the pressure will be enormous.

There is a wall in Bröndby with the names of the players who have played for their country as Bröndby players. The name of Wilczek has already been blurred by someone. FC Copenhagen fans have also split into two camps. Some people are happy with this transfer, because it hurt Bröndby fans a lot. But the flip side says: “We took a rival from Bröndby who will never deserve our jersey” says Kokborg.

The coming of Wilczek is the craziest transfer in Denmark in years. The most soulless thing I’ve seen in Danish football in a long time. There is pure hate between Bröndby and FCK. A bit like between Lech and Legia, but worse. This is a bomb, madness, in recent days Kamil Wilczek is the only topic with us. The Danish league has exploded – finished.

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