FC St. Pauli: Train & Bus – Jackson Irvine is nobody like everyone else – 2nd Bundesliga

His appearance at the 4-2 in Heidenheim was so far the best of Jackson Irvine (28) for FC St. Pauli. The Australian midfield machine delivered two goal assists – and celebrated the victory with a meal on the hill in the evening.

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Normal, but somehow not typical for a second division kicker and national player. The Australian is St. Pauli’s very special professional without pretentiousness and without airs.

Irvine is no one again anybody else!

After moving from Hibernian Edinburgh (Scotland) to St. Pauli, Irvine consciously moved to the Schanzen district with his girlfriend Jemilla: “I wanted to be right in the middle of life, had heard that there was a great scene there with music, art and good food gives. The district suits me. “

What also speaks for him in favor of the hill: He can walk to the stadium. Irvine: “At least I mostly walk back. Of course, I also meet a lot of fans on the road who recognize me and show me their thumbs up. That is really cool.”

The walk would be too far for training on Kollaustraße. To do this, Irvine takes the train and bus: “Public transport in Germany is really good. You can go anywhere. To be honest, I don’t have a car at the moment. “

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But another trademark: his eye-catching mustache.

Irvine reveals: “I didn’t have that until last year. Before that, long hair was my trademark. I let my mustache stand out of sheer boredom during a lockdown. It took my girlfriend to get used to it, but now it’s okay with her. “

Kind of crazy, but also kind of normal, this Irvine. And by the way, a damn good footballer who has big goals. As the World Cup qualification with Australia. To do this, he is always on the road halfway around the world: “No problem for me. I can relax on the go. “

In addition: The international matches made him strong for St. Pauli. The last four games were the midfield edge in the starting eleven – and all were won.

Irvine gets emotional on the pitch. Like against Dresden, when he verbally attacked his opponent, who was lying on the ground, and saw a yellow card. Irvine: “He should just get up because there was nothing. That’s right, I sometimes hit the ceiling easily. “

What’s missing next? A goal from Irvine for St. Pauli, of course. The Australian laughs: “If that happens, I’ll be doing something crazy on the pitch.”


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