FCC approves Starlink to put satellite network on vehicles

Starlink dish

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally announcedApproved by Starlink, allowing the company to attach the “mobile version” of the terminal antenna to a mobile vehicle. In addition to opening the door for applications such as civil aircraft, cruise ships, and trains, the United States also has a considerable campervan (RV) market, and should also be very interested in such services.

It is theoretically possible to take the Starlink terminal antenna with you before that, but SpaceX actually treats it as a replacement address, so in addition to having an address in a new place, Starlink also depends on the use of each region The number of people determines whether you can enable the service. If there is a “vacancy” in the new address, and you can switch to it, your original address will be cancelled, and when you want to change it back, you may have to queue up again to wait for a vacant seat. This is not very convenient for the real RV family, and now SpaceX can start a real roaming service.

In the part of civil aviation, we know that Starlink already has andDelta Airlinesand Hawaiian Airlines, but for the general public, thewhat kind of fee, What restrictions will be placed on the use, it is still unclear. At least Starlink now has no restrictions from the FCC in the United States, and can launch related services at any time.

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