FDA warns people to beware of counterfeit Chinese medicine during the post-Covid-19 period

from the product caseherbIn the market, the team has deceived Sapphun and cited the certification of FDA, especially during “Covid-19”

Dr. Surachoke Tangwiwat, deputy secretary-general of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said that herbal products that have been registered with Most of them are dietary supplements. If these products are identified as non-hazardous ingredients without chemical additives, they will be considered quickly. These products do not specify the properties that can be used to treat any disease. Just tell the ingredients like a general supplement but herbal products that are registered as herbal medicines according to Herbs ActThere will be more research verification procedures. The products that are registered as herbal medicines Must specify properties

The current problem, however, is the exaggeration of the source product.Registration of dietary supplementsthat got the FDA number, but it’s exaggerated advertising that it can cure disease which looks like this will violate the Computer Act and exaggerate advertising

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“In the last 3-4 yearsherbal productswith a mixture of harmful contaminants and counterfeits better by FDA. Manage to inspect herbal products to see if they contain harmful substances or not. including the registration of products with the FDA that is clear This led many companies to avoid or stop doing wrong. Because there are clear penalties ranging from fines to money to revocation of licenses. So it’s not worth doing wrong. But that still has quite a number of offenses. Much of the hype is exaggerated. because the law is old and lagging for many years.”

In addition, nowadays there are many advertising media platforms. both mainstream media and social media that can easily reach consumers This makes monitoring and surveillance not comprehensive, even FDA will cooperate with various agencies including employing artificial intelligence or AI to detect by focusing on the big ones and having a lot of damage value

including exaggerated advertising But many companies that commit crimes or break the law and get caught will continue to change their company names. Because some of these companies have networks in other provinces. or set up a small company to take action instead due to a fine of not more than 100,000 baht and the maximum penalty is the revocation of the license These companies are not afraid.

Dr. Surachoke emphasized that FDA has tried to educate people about food and medicine It is necessary to check the properties from the website. and apps of the FDA and remind people to have an understanding ofherbal productswith that advertisement before And check the FDA registration number. Look at the database of both components. And the properties are actually stated as stated or not. which can be inspected throughFDA website whether the properties match those that are advertised or not If consumers do not notice when buying medicines to take orally by themselves, they may have negative effects on the body. harmful to health and may affect the treatment of symptoms

Dr. Surachoke also said that at present, there are herbs that are registered as medicines. in which Thais will haveAndrographis paniculataRegistered as an emergency for the treatment of COVID-19 As for the Chinese herbs that are registered as herbal medicines, there are only The only brand that has been approved by the FDA, which has registered properties for treating colds, flu, but may be used to relieve infections. “Covid-19” but did not help cure similar to the Thai thieves’ use of lightning, butshattered thievesIt has been registered as an emergency medicine.Covid-19

The registered Chinese herbal medicines are: Lianhua Qingwen CapsuleApproved for registration with the Food and Drug Administration or the Thai FDA in March 2020 to relieve symptoms from the flu. and influenza, including fever, body aches, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, headache

Dr. Wei Chong, Director of Chinese Medicine Branch Yiling Medical Research Institute in Hebei Province said: Lian Hua Qingwen It is a traditional Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract infections. It is a patented traditional Chinese medicine. which is produced by Yiling Pharmaceutical Co. It is used for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu.

Lianhua Qingwen was developed using the Collateral Disease Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine to study the mechanisms and methods of treating exogenous fever and other epidemics. It has properties to cool the lungs and eliminate hot poison. This formula uses the experience of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of plague accumulated over 2000 years, and combines the medicinal essence of famous physicians of the three dynasties. can solve the patient’s constant high body temperature problem Cough relief difficult breathing of the patient Inhibits common cold and influenza viruses

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