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FDP boss Lindner advertises traffic light coalition agreement

FDP leader Christian Lindner campaigned for the approval of the coalition agreement with the SPD and the Greens in front of the delegates at the special party congress. “It is a coalition agreement for a policy of the center that does not move our country to the left, but wants to lead it forward,” said Linder on Sunday in Berlin. “This coalition agreement is shaped by what we have expanded and complemented each other.” Most of the party congress takes place online, with only a core team on site.

His party sees itself in the future coalition with the SPD and the Greens as a guarantor of a course of the middle: “The Free Democrats are not available for a left turn in Germany because we already have a lot of left politics in our country,” said Lindner.

Lindner paid particular tribute to the presumably next Chancellor, Olaf Scholz (SPD), for his role in the traffic light negotiations. “We have not always made it easy for ourselves,” said the FDP boss. The conversations were characterized by respect and an effort to understand “.” I would like to point out that the Federal Chancellor-designate in particular was able to combine what was previously divisive in a meaningful way presented”.

One day after the SPD party congress voted for the coalition agreement for the Ampel alliance, the FDP will vote on Sunday. A large majority of the approximately 660 party congress delegates for the treaty is expected. The approval of the Greens is expected on Monday, then the result of their membership decision will be available.

“What we are planning is the greatest liberalization since the 90s, maybe even since the 70s,” said the deputy FDP leader Johannes Vogel at the opening of the party congress. Vogel named the traffic light reform plans for citizenship law, immigration law, family law, entry into the share pension and the legalization of marijuana.

Before the party congress, leading liberals reported that there was great support in the party for the coalition agreement, in which the FDP had been able to enforce some of its core concerns.

At the hybrid special party congress, only the closest party leaders and a core team for the organization were present in the Berlin conference hall Station; all other participants are connected digitally.

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