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FDP decides to start traffic light coalition negotiations

AAs the last of the three traffic light parties, the FDP has agreed to formal coalition negotiations. As party leader Christian Lindner said at a press conference, the federal executive and parliamentary group voted unanimously on Monday to start talks on forming a government with the SPD and the Greens. “We see opportunities, but we also see challenges,” said Lindner after the deliberations had ended.

There was “a two-and-a-half hour, very intense debate,” explained Lindner. “We are now on our way to take responsibility for Germany. The FDP leader made it clear that the traffic light alliance was not what the party wanted. Before the election, the interviewees “did not look for each other to put it diplomatically”. There are still major differences in content, which will remain so in the future. This requires a lot of tolerance and readiness for “new thinking” from everyone.

“Without a doubt, a traffic light coalition would be an alliance of convenience at the beginning,” said Lindner at the press conference. “Whether it can become more is up to everyone involved.” In any case, Germany must become freer, more sustainable, more digital, more modern and more competitive. If this happens, the coalition could be a win for the country.

Lindner rejects “Linksruck”

Lindner emphasized that the result of the federal election meant “no shift to the left” in Germany. Nobody can deduce from this that there is a clear shift in the political coordinates to the left. Therefore, a traffic light government must be a government of the middle.

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The FDP leader has also rejected allegations that the Liberals did not want to exonerate low-wage earners in a red-green-yellow coalition. The FDP continues to consider relief for small and medium incomes to be desirable, said Lindner. “But we have to accept that in this constellation it is not possible at first.” The SPD and the Greens combine tax relief on the one hand with increases for high earners. The FDP does not consider this to be the right “in view of the necessary economic recovery in our country”.

The SPD and the Greens had campaigned with financial redistribution. The relief of households with less income should be financed by tax increases for the wealthy. The FDP refused. In their balance sheet paper of the explorations, the three possible government partners have stated that no new taxes will be introduced and that income and corporate taxes, for example, should not increase.

Approval was expected

The SPD had already given the green light for the negotiations on Friday, the Greens on Sunday. A possible starting point for the negotiations would be Thursday, it was said in the negotiating circles of the parties. However, this has not yet been finally clarified.

The exploratory teams of the three parties agreed on the common paper on Friday, which should be the basis for coalition negotiations. The aim is for the new federal government to be sworn in before Christmas.

The approval of the FDP party to coalition negotiations with the SPD and the Greens was expected. “I am glad that the Social Democrats and the Greens already agreed this weekend. I assume that we will do the same today, ”said deputy group leader Alexander Graf Lambsdorff on Monday morning on ZDF. “This is really a document of departure in which many liberal elements can be found,” said Lambsdorff.


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