Feby Febiola is called sick because of past mistakes, Franky Sihombing: There is no correlation Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Spiritual singers Franky Sihombing respond to comments netizen which links the wife’s illness, Feby Febiola, with his past mistakes.

According to him, there is no correlation between past and present illnesses.

“I made a mistake, okay. But regarding disease, I don’t see the correlation. This could just be a matter of negligence. For example, I started to feel sick, but I didn’t see a doctor, “said Franky Sihombing as quoted by Kompas.com via the Daniel Mananta Network channel, Sunday (18/10/2020).

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This man, who has produced 26 spiritual albums throughout his career, said that 2016 to 2020 is the darkest time in his life and family.

“For me 2016-2020 is a period of destruction. An important lesson, God is special, it can turn waste into valuable treasures, ”said Franky.

For Petra Sihombing’s father, at the lowest point of his life, he could see God’s power so clearly.

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“At the lowest point when I was insulted, scorned by people, I actually saw God very clearly. You really have to feel like the lowest human, “Franky said in a somewhat sad tone.

The singer of “You Really Love” also admitted that she was tired of responding to blasphemy netizen against himself and his family.

He also has a strategy that it is better to listen to God’s words than to speak sharply netizen.

“I see it as a cause, not a punishment, it is better to listen to the words, than to comment on people,” added Franky.

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It is known, Franky Sihombing is one of the country’s most famous spiritual singers.

He is the father of Ben Joshua Sihombing, Iva Anabel Sihombing and Petra Sihombing.

Franky was born in Jakarta on 18 September 1969.

He became famous through his first album, titled Celebrate was released in 1995 on Indosiar’s “Praise and Worship”.

The album was a success as a continuous album until the 6th version, Celebrate 6, which was released February 2011.


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