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The pace of vaccination against Covid-19 must accelerate with the onset of winter, estimates the Federal Council. To do this, the government will launch an offensive via several measures focused on better information and personalized advice, he announced Wednesday.

After consultation, however, the Federal Council waived the 50-franc vouchers. These were to reward people who could convince a neighbor, friend or family member of the usefulness of the injection. The cantons opposed it, believing that a financial reward would not make it possible to get out of the crisis.

The Federal Council was a little surprised at the opposition to these vouchers, said Federal Councilor Alain Berset, while acknowledging that the idea was unconventional.

>> Our monitoring of the Covid-19 pandemic: Federal Council waives 50-franc vaccine vouchers

According to current data, 93% of those over 65 and around 80% of those aged 18 to 65 need to be vaccinated in order to be able to lift the measures. The current vaccination rate for over 18s is 71.2%.

National immunization week

In order to increase the vaccination rate, the undecided need reliable information. This is why the Federal Council, in collaboration with the cantons, is planning a national vaccination week from 8 to 14 November.

People can learn about the effectiveness, safety and side effects of the injection. Health risks and the possibility of getting vaccinated will also be discussed.

The cantonal and communal authorities will organize local events. For its part, the government will send a letter to the population to stress the importance of vaccination. The Confederation will bear the costs. An envelope of 15.2 million francs is planned.

>> Alain Berset’s intervention at a press conference:

Alain Berset’s intervention during the press conference on the health crisis of October 13, 2021 / The news on video / 12 min. / today at 16:18

Mobile units

To reach citizens more easily, additional vaccination buses will take the road for several weeks and stop in the village square, on the football field, in front of schools or discos. The population will no longer have to travel and will be able to easily obtain information or be spontaneously vaccinated. Currently, 50 buses are in circulation.

The Confederation will invest 220,000 francs per vehicle, but up to a maximum of 38 million francs. In addition, it will also make 43 million available for consultancy activities.

Advisers could be deployed throughout Switzerland to answer individually the questions of people still undecided. They can be contacted via group discussions, personal or telephone contacts or the individual “chat” function on social networks.

Sustainable investment

The maximum amount of this offensive will amount to 96.2 million francs. In the government’s opinion, this is a sustainable investment compared to the 50 million francs spent each week on tests.

In addition, a high rate of vaccinated will be beneficial for gastronomy, hotels or fitness centers. It also has health benefits. On average, one hospitalization can be avoided for 100 vaccinations and the occupation of an intensive care bed for 250 vaccinations.


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