Federal negotiations: Jan Jambon wants a Dutch-speaking and French-speaking minister for a series of portfolios

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The strong man of the N-VA again reaches out to the French-speaking socialists and proposes to split skills so that Wallonia can pursue a leftist policy.

Lhe Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (N-VA) launched a surprising proposal on Saturday as part of the negotiations for the formation of a federal government. He thus suggests, in Het Nieuwsblad, to distribute a series of ministerial portfolios between a Dutch-speaking minister and a French-speaking minister.

“The Flemish Minister for Employment (in the federal government, Editor’s note) would then work in close collaboration with his colleague for Employment in the Flemish government”, explains Jan Jambon in an interview with the Flemish newspaper on the occasion of the Flemish Community Day. “Together, they would then be responsible for a tailor-made policy for Flanders.”

The Minister-President is also launching a similar proposal for other areas, but does not wish to cite them specifically. The most logical seem to be Public Health and the Economy, which are also competences shared with the federated entities.

The Flemish nationalist considers these additional ministers as a transitional measure. “In the meantime, we can work towards the further distribution of skills,” he continues. Jan Jambon’s ultimate goal remains confederalism.

Appeal to the socialists

The strong man of the N-VA also reaches out to French-speaking socialists. “The PS must once again reflect if it does not wish to conclude with us a great agreement. If our respective wishes diverge at this point socio-economically, let’s take note. Let’s split up the competences so that Wallonia can finally carry out the left politics that its voters want and so that we, in Flanders, can do what our voters demand, ”he said in an interview with De Tijd.

Jan Jambon reiterates that his party is ready to negotiate a financial mechanism of transition “of ten years or more”. “I do not say this only out of love for Wallonia, but also in relation to our own interest. If we cut transfers overnight, impoverishment in Wallonia would be gigantic. It is not humanly worthy. And we would also be prejudiced, insofar as Wallonia remains our most important trading partner. ”

Finally, the Flemish Minister-President does not rule out new elections, which he assures the N-VA is not afraid of. “The situation will undoubtedly be even more complicated after new elections, but lo and behold, if we have to go there …”



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