“Feel like Sophie Scholl”: Tasteless comparison on Corona demo – Inland news

More than 900 people demonstrated against the federal government’s corona measures on Saturday in Hanover. On the fringes of the protest, there was a particularly tasteless derailment.

At a rally in the city center, a young woman stood on the stage in the evening. She introduced herself as 22-year-old Jana from Kassel.

“I feel like Sophie Scholl, because I’ve been active in the resistance for months, giving speeches, going to demos, handing out flyers and also registering for meetings since yesterday,” she begins her speech. The audience applauds.

A video on Twitter documents the lack of taste.

She continues: “I am 22 years old, just like Sophie Scholl, before she fell victim to the National Socialists. I can and will never give up working for freedom, peace, love and justice. ”

Then a young man dressed in black comes in front of the stage. He is apparently a folder for the event. He wants to give the speaker his safety vest. “I don’t make a folder for such nonsense,” he says. “This is the derision of the Holocaust. Such nonsense, more than embarrassing. “The surprised young woman reacts:” Hey, I didn’t say anything! “

The steward is led by six police officers from the area in front of the stage. The young woman then throws her microphone and a piece of paper on the stage and begins to cry. A short time later she is back on stage.

The organizer of the protest rally in the city center of the Lower Saxony state capital was the organization “lateral thinking”. More than 300 people took part in counter rallies.

Sophie Scholl (1921-1943) was part of the White Rose resistance group. They distributed leaflets against the National Socialists. Sophie Scholl was executed by the Nazis in Munich on February 22, 1943, together with her brother Hans and her fellow student Christoph Probst.


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