Feijóo bets on the “massive” use of masks and asks for a reduced VAT

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It happened with the epidemiological study and it has happened again with the use of masks in the passage to the “new normal” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The delay of the central government in offering a guideline for all the autonomies leads the Xunta not to wait and adopt its own decisions, even regretting that the ideal would be to have a unified and homogeneous protocol. The study will be done and the “massive use of masks” will be advised, Alberto Núñez Feijóo ratified in the already customary Sunday appearance, who explained that minutes earlier he had communicated his plans to Pedro Sánchez in the sixth videoconference with regional leaders.

“I would not be in favor of each autonomous community doing what they want, but since there is no rule here, unfortunately each autonomous community does what it sees fit.” And that, in Galicia, will involve “proposing” the extensive use of masks. “We continue to defend that the optimum would be a protocol … that would be agreed upon at the national level,” Feijóo insisted, but as a warning, not merely regret. The Xunta, far from sitting idly by, decides to “anticipate” and “bet on clear instructions”, in which protection with masks will be one of the key elements. This week the guidelines will be closed with the clinical committee, but in San Caetano it is already “clear” that such “generalized” employment will be encouraged.

Asked by ABC, the regional president advocated “designing a cloth mask, washable, for the coming months.” Surgical ones, he said, have to give way to other “reusable” to be inserted. And there will play a key role in the ability of the population to have access to these protection elements. On the one hand, the Xunta will speak with the pharmaceutical sector, to “know if it has the capacity or not to obtain a supply of masks.” At the same time, in his telematic meeting with Sánchez, Feijóo put on the table the request for a “VAT reduction”, on the understanding that, since its use will be massive, the “logical” thing is that the guy who charges them becomes reduced. It was a proposal that he made himself and that other regional presidents supported in his subsequent interventions, he detailed.

Roadmap asap
What has been clear is that in San Caetano, for weeks, work has already been done intensively on the design of the new stage, once it has been verified that the pandemic peak was left behind in early April. And ideally, the central government should move at the same rate. This Sunday Feijóo asked Sánchez “an approximate road map”, a “provisional calendar” and “indicative” of how the confinement will be alleviated and resumed, so that citizens and companies know it “with time and clarity”. «The return must be safe, gradual and known in time (…). We have to talk about de-escalation, with rigor and caution, but now look for a horizon ». Do not fall into last minute decisions, like the famous BOE of a Sunday at midnight. “If we rush, it would be an unforgivable mistake.”

This de-escalation, given that there seems to be a consensus that it will be “gradual” and differentiated by territory, should be supported by serological studies with “very powerful information”, such as the one that Galicia will undertake at the end of this week; with its own methodology, because the Government still does not offer a unified guide. The results of the first wave of just over 50,000 tests will be available in 8 or 10 days from this Thursday or Friday; that is, in early May. A study with more than 100,000 samples that seemed to make Sanchez uncomfortable on Saturday, when he pointed out that it is up to the Government to do so. “I think what there has been is a misinterpretation of the Prime Minister,” said Feijóo yesterday, who made no secret that he was “surprised that … he was cautious.” «I did not understand it and that is why I brought up this matter … I don’t quite understand why the President was upset. In any case, he specified that he did not see “any objection or comment on the closing shift” of Sánchez.

Feijóo argued that these studies will be beneficial for the Government itself, which will have “more information to decide on de-escalation (…). Of course, we will send the results to the Ministry of Health immediately ». There will be more autonomies that imitate Galicia. “Today no one disputes that the autonomous presidents must test,” he initialed. “In the end, the important thing is that Galicia is going to do its epidemiological study.”

Gentleman sees in the use of the rapid tests disloyalty to the Government
The opposition did not wait this Sunday to hold a new videoconference with the president of the Xunta to send several darts in advance. Gonzalo Caballero accused Núñez Feijóo of being “busier in propaganda than in working loyally with the Government.” The secretary general of the PSdeG showed that the use of rapid health tests for serological macro-study raises blisters among socialists. “Many healthcare professionals and many nursing homes remain untested (…). Every day that passes without doing the tests is a lost day, and there are many already, “he cried. As he grew older, he demanded that he be “diligent” and show “loyalty” to Pedro Sánchez’s cabinet.

The Block took off in the morning demanding that, “immediately”, all elderly users of centers affected by Covid-19 be transferred to a hospital, because “there is the capacity to do so”, so that it is there that they receive treatment doctor. He insisted in the afternoon, where he also demanded that the Xunta carry out a “free distribution” of masks. Pontoon took the opportunity to insist on an “activation” of Parliament that would go through at least one weekly meeting of the Permanent Deputation, with an agenda “similar” to that of ordinary plenary sessions. In Marea, he did not participate in the videoconference, after denouncing an “informative veto” by Feijóo. .


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