Felice Mazzu: “If Amuzu was worth 8 million euros before the match, he might be worth 16 with his double”

Sporting Anderlecht easily won against Seraing (3-1) this Sunday on the occasion of the third day of the Pro League. A result acquired with style for the Mauves, at least as far as the first half is concerned.

Our first period was almost perfect“, immediately confided Happy Mazzu at the microphone of our journalist Lancelot Meulewaeter. “In the 2nd half we may have been too much in management. We have gone back too far but we are coming out of a European Cup match. We can be happy with our performance“.

The Anderlecht coach was very impressed with the performance of Lior Refaelov after the meeting:At 36, being able to chain meetings as he does is extraordinary. He is a great man with a great career and he will bring us a lot this season“. Noah Sadiki (17), much younger than the Israeli, also scored points: “He is very young, very intelligent and adapts to different situations. With what he showed today, we are very confident for the future.“.

Felice Mazzu nevertheless underlined some points for improvement: “We must always do better, in all areas. In the connection between the two attackers, between the flanks and the attackers, between the central midfielders. Our central defenders must also come out better and contribute more offensively. But what matters is to see the players with desire“.

Finally, he commented on the performance of Francis Have fun, double scorer and increasingly close to a start in Nice. “Honestly I can’t tell you if it was his last game with us. As long as he is there and concerned, he will play. With his double he may be worth 16 million now“, he concluded with a smile.

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