Felipe Zuleta calls Claudia López a “populist” for cutting down trees

Felipe Zuleta, a panelist for Blu Radio, again questioned on his official Twitter account the management of Claudia Lopez, this time because of the deforestation that has occurred in the city in recent days.

The communicator’s statements came after the Secretary of the Environment of Bogota announced the pruning of 28 shrubs on the Suba trunk for the expansion of a Transmilenio station, which caused several protests in the town.

“The felling of trees is very impressive. Fortunately, the mayor is from the Green Party. What if it was from another party?The mayor is a populist, “wrote the journalist on the social network.

Although López had implied that different roundtables were being held, the demonstrations on Friday showed that the community is dissatisfied with the decision made by the District.

On social media, even several users have viralized a video in which Claudia López, during the mayoral campaign, attacked Enrique Peñalosa Y He called him “lumberjack” for cutting down trees in Bogotá.

According to Carolina Urrutia, Secretary of the Environment, The Urban Development Institute (IDU) is complying with all permits to carry out the pruning of these shrubs, which is essential to expand the Transmilenio Transversal 91 station.

Felipe Zuleta calls Mayor Claudia López a “populist” and charges her for cutting down trees


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