Felled trees in a wooded area in Candiac

Residents of rue du Maroc in Candiac have noticed that trees have been cut down in the wooded area at the end of their street in recent days. The City confirms that the owner of the private land, Groupe Maison Candiac, was within its rights to do so.

The work carried out at the beginning of the week aimed at carrying out soil tests on the site, with the aim of “delimiting the high water mark and knowing the exact nature of the soil”, indicates the Municipality at Reflection. To achieve this, a tree cut was “necessary”, she adds.

(Photo courtesy)

The Communications Department of the City of Candiac reminds that no permit is required to fell a tree in a residential area on private land, but that restrictions apply to the flood-prone sections and the riparian strip. The Municipality has thus dispatched an inspector to the site of the site, “in order to ensure the conformity of the work”, she said.

According to his observations, the contractor “would respect the regulations in force. For example, visual cues would have been installed by a land surveyor mandated by the owner to identify the limits of the cutting zone and to respect the riparian protection strip, ”says the City.

Although an explanatory letter was distributed by the owner to residents of the area, some have sent photos to the Journal to take offense at the maneuver. These show trunks piled up along the street, in particular.

Machinery in action in the wooded area of ​​Candiac. (Photo courtesy)

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