Female orangutans will travel from Ústí to New Zealand

Now the project documentation for the new primate pavilion is being created, but the implementation will be time consuming. Therefore, the breeding coordinator recommended moving both females to a suitable breeding facility. Ňunince is over 30 years old, her eight-year-old daughter Cantik lives in the zoo with her.

“Both females are of great value for breeding orangutans. We tried to ensure the continuation of breeding in our country, but the current pavilion of orangutans is already unsatisfactory by today’s standards, “said the director of the Ústí zoo, Roman Končel.

The Ústí Zoo has suspended permanent membership in the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, among other things, precisely because of the unsatisfactory pavilion for orangutans.

Ňuninka got to the zoo with a male Ňuňák in 1989, both about two years old. The male garden was spent in November last year because he was suffering from advanced cancer.

According to the deputy director of the garden, Lukáš Štěrba, the Ústí zoo will not be without orangutans for a long time. “The breeding coordinator has already promised two animals, namely an eight-year-old male named Sungay from the Madrid Zoo and a seven-year-old female named Daya from the Rhenen Zoo. Although we are sorry for the departure of our animals, we are happy that both females will be involved in breeding again. In her thirties, Ňuninka still has a high probability of reproduction. For the female Cantik, who is just growing up, this is the ideal time to meet her future partner, “added Štěrba.

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