Femicide is murder and is punishable by life imprisonment 2024-04-08 02:12:36

In particular, the first reaction is “how is it possible for such a murder to take place outside a police station, especially when the woman in question was inside it at the previous moment”. While, subsequently, one will see the protocols for the guard, the duty officer, the commander, under what conditions the weapon can be used, etc.

According to the Minister of State, the government has done things about domestic violence, such as increasing the penalty for it. As, at the same time, “the penalty for homicide was increased. I remind you that with the previous Penal Code, under SYRIZA, it was 15 years, we went back to life”.

As for the police, “things have been done to raise their awareness”, however, he acknowledged, more effort is needed to implement the central directives at the public administration level. Furthermore, “we hear these dialogues that make us all angry. He possibly wants more interventions in the issues of disciplinary law”, he pointed out and assured that “we do not mobilize when they happen, but the effort is made continuously”.

At the same time, “there is an improvement in the absolute numbers”, said M. Voridis, and added that “Greece is the safest, or at least among the safest European countries. And the European Union is the safest continent on the planet. Especially in homicides we have very low numbers, especially for femicides we have even lower numbers. I’m not saying it to say “well done”” he emphasized.

In relation to the use of the term “femicide”, he first clarified that it has two uses: on the one hand, “with its social charge, which manifests awareness”. Something, that is, that “may be about stereotypes, perceptions, and therefore the use helps to overcome these stereotypes.” On the other hand, there is the criminal aspect: “Femicide is the killing of a woman and is punishable by life imprisonment. This discussion would have made sense with the Syrian Criminal Code, where homicide was punishable by 15 years in prison.” Then it would make sense to recognize the commission of homicide in circumstances of domestic violence as an aggravating circumstance, and then change the sentence to life.

In the political conclusion, “once again we have before us a criminal populism from certain parts of the Left, not to put them all in the sack. It is, once again, an alleged sensitivity, … apparently at the criminal level this discussion”

Asked about the issue of the use of weapons by the police, he said that he “wants a lot of attention” so that “we don’t end up on the other side, easily using the weapon and therefore having dead people, who maybe should just be arrested . He wants a balance.” And, in his next sentence, “we could revisit the rules of engagement but very carefully. In this debate there can be a populism from the reverse, pulling the gun for a flea jump.

As, moreover, he mentioned at another point, “we agree that the patrol car is not a taxi, but you see a man who is frightened. It’s not a taxi, but help her (woman). It needs an elemental flexibility that stems from common sense” he concluded.

At the same time, the Minister of State said that he is sure that “the details of the case and the attribution of responsibility are being monitored by the (competent) minister, he will do the right thing”.

While, to a question about whether police officers who were guarding dignitaries were transferred to combat services, he answered that yes, they have left, in order to strengthen the guarding of citizens. In fact, he conveyed his experience from his constituency (Eastern Attica), a region that “has some parts that are very difficult, (but) there is a clear picture of reinforcement of the police”.

Regarding the Tempe train tragedy, he said, by way of introduction, that justice is taking the actions it needs to take in order to move on to the political side of the case: “We are doing everything we can to calm down, we are trying not to raise our voices, we receive incredible insults and terrible slanders. We try to be as cool as possible.” Rejecting the accusation of a cover-up, he repeated that at the time when the dead were not even identified, “at that dramatic moment, someone is engaged in falsifying some audio to prove what is true, that there was human error” .

While he clarified that not even the New Democracy claims that it was only human error, since in its conclusion “there is talk of systemic long-term problems in the operation of the railway”.

And, focusing on the political climate of the last few days, “we are swallowing unbelievable, unimaginable things that we are hearing”, such as, as he pointed out, in the Parliament the members of the parliamentary majority have been accused of being murderers and criminals. And he continued: “Didn’t we see the attack on the prime minister’s wife yesterday? What was the logic of this thing? Let’s have a public discussion about the prime minister’s whereabouts. Mitsotakis was not elected yesterday, he has been elected since 2004. For 20 years, his whereabouts have been checked.” However, “a lady is coming, who was elected to Parliament a year ago and we are discussing the relationship of the prime minister and his wife, while issues have arisen about the relationship of the president (MP) and no one is discussing these”.

Asked to comment on the commitment of the president of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance that his manifesto will be submitted before the European elections, M. Voridis commented: “I hope they study it well, make it as it should be”. He explained that if he is asked about his whereabouts, he is able to give answers within 24 hours. Something that did not apply to St.’s pothen esches. Kasselakis: “Unless it is complex and complicated, I imagine that it is of increased complexity to require endless months in order to give an easy answer” he commented, closing.

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