Feminist collectives tear down walls placed in the house of Andrés Roemer

CdMx.- They promised to tear down several walls this March 8 and they did. On International Women’s Day, feminist groups did not forget the accusations against the television host and former diplomat Andrés Roemer, who sought to avoid damage to his wooden-walled property without positive results.

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Around 8 p.m., feminists achieved their mission after several attacks that the house would have suffered throughout the day. In the afternoon, everything had remained in pints to the tables and slogans against Andrés Romer, but by late night, those walls that defended their heritage fell.

Police defended the house of Andrés Romer after the fall of the wall

With the fall of the “wall of peace” as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described, then the police did gather at Roemer’s house to protect it from pints and some other attacks with stones seeking to break the glass without further reporting affectations than those.

Those present there, however, did repeat several slogans on his behalf as well as reminding him that there are more than 60 complaints against him.

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