world Feminists burn a newspaper vehicle in Mexico City

Feminists burn a newspaper vehicle in Mexico City


Hundreds of Mexican activists demonstrated on Friday in Mexico City against gender-based violence, and some of them caused damage to four vehicles in a newspaper, to one of whom set fire, in retaliation against the media that spread images of the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla.

Escamilla was killed and dismembered at the hands of her partner last Sunday, a fact that different print media took the opportunity to publish photographs of the victim.

In their protest, in front of the headquarters of the newspaper La Prensa, in the heart of the Mexican capital, the women painted and vandalized their facilities and four delivery trucks.

There they demanded an apology from the director of The press by posting photos of Ingrid Escamilla, which they obtained through leaks, and said they would not leave the site until their demand was met.

In the rotary facilities, the activists faced female police officers from the Mexican capital, who repelled them with fire extinguishers, which inflamed the protesters, many of them with their faces covered.

The protest began on the esplanade of the Palace of Fine Arts, in the antimonument dedicated to the victims of femicide, and later the protesters formed a large cross in the street with photographs of the murdered women. In their withdrawal they destroyed street furniture.

The demonstration was in demand of justice for Ingrid Escamilla and against the revictimization that is done in the media of feminicides.

“Ingrid you are not dead!” and “Femicidal State” were some of the slogans and graffiti of women during the mobilization, which developed in the middle of an intense rain.

This Friday was a day with different feminist mobilizations in Mexico City.

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World News :

In the morning, a hundred women painted on the facade and one of the doors of the National Palace, where Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador holds his press conference every day to protest against femicides in Mexico.

The protesters, who gathered around 06.00 local time (12.00 GMT), sang feminist proclamations at the gates of the aforementioned enclosure, in the Historic Center of the Mexican capital, and painted on the facade and floor of the presidential residence, and even on at least one occasion they tried to tear down the door.

“Your silence is complicit”, “They are killing us” or “Indifferent President” were some of the claims stamped on the wall of the Mexican president’s house.

In statements to the media, a protester accused the president of carrying out a “state femicide” and called for concrete actions against violence against women.

The protest was the first of those convened for February 14 in the Mexican capital and in several cities of the country after the crime and filtration to the press of the images of the body of Escamilla.

In August of last year, a march against sexist violence ended with multiple destruction in urban furniture and public transport stations.

In an open letter against gender-based violence, more than 20 organizations denounced on Thursday that every day there are 10 homicides of women in Mexico, which registered 1,006 feminicides – death due to gender – in 2019, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP).



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