Ferdinand continues, Sule admits that he hasn’t ‘executed’ Nathalie Holscher

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Happiness still surrounds Close and Nathalie Holscher. After officially getting married, they admit that they are happy because they can finally live in one house.

One of the joys that Nathalie felt was finally being able to stay close to Sule’s youngest child, Individual. He is happy because he can spend more time with Ferdinand.

“Happy, “Finally we can be together 24 hours, what’s more sorry for Ferdinand, usually every day before marriage Ferdi goes back and forth to the house, right now, right now,” said Nathalie when met at Trans TV Studio, South Jakarta, Monday (16/11).

Hearing Nathalie discuss about Ferdinand, Sule also said that after getting married he was at all have not had time to be alone with his wife.

Sule dan Nathalie Holscher / Photo: Marianus Harmita

Sule admitted that the moment that could have been enjoyed with Nathalie had to be willing to be postponed because Ferdinand always asked to be together.

“That’s why I haven’t executed either, because Ferdinand always had time close, then television must also be, “said Close while laughing.

“Yes, we have shared our happiness first with each other, maybe later when it’s calm, calm period, new normal, then the runway came down, “added Sule.

Regarding the desire to have children from Nathalie, Sule admitted that he would not expect too much. He will accept any child of the gender given by God.

“Give thanks, thank you, thank you, whatever happened but because he never had children, it means he (Nathalie) really wants to,” he concluded. Close.

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