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A few weeks ago, Fernanda Castillo alarmed her relatives and followers by announcing that she had been hospitalized in an emergency due to an obstetric hemorrhage, and after the cardiac arrests she suffered while she was being treated in the Hospital for the complications derived from her delivery, now the actress reappeared on her social networks .

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The actress of “The Lord of the heavens” She took a few days off and has returned with strength to announce that she does not let herself be overcome by adversity and is now enjoying the best time of her life with her little baby.

She also took the opportunity to talk about her experiences as a new mother and everything she suffered due to breastfeeding, so through her Instagram He recounted everything he has experienced in recent days.

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The actress with her baby. (Photo: Fernanda Castillo / Instagram)


Fernanda Castillo He shared with his followers the difficulties he has presented in this regard. So he wrote it next to a photograph where he appears with his newborn baby, Liam Hayser.

“I had heard so much about breastfeeding difficulties that I was very scared of what my process would be like. It is true, it is a huge challenge that each mother must decide how to face. It involves sacrifice, sometimes pain, dealing with frustration, with change, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn to listen to yourself, to listen to what each woman and her baby need to be well “, started.

The Mexican actress also revealed that she is learning to flow and “let go” in situations when things do not go as she expected and highlighted the importance of venerating her own body for all the feats it is capable of doing:

“Learning to flow or let go when things don’t happen as you thought, to accept and venerate your body for what it is capable of doing, but above all, it has given me the gift of connecting with my baby and with myself in a way very deep while I feed it “.

Fernanda Castillo sent a message to all the mothers who are breastfeeding (Photo: Instagram)

Fernanda Castillo sent a message to all the mothers who are breastfeeding (Photo: Instagram)

And it is that the interpreter stressed that her desire to breastfeed her baby became the force that drove her to get ahead of the delicate state of health that she went through at the beginning of the year.

“In the most difficult moments since Liam was born, the desire to feed him and hold him with my breast has been what has kept me going”, wrote Fernanda and addressed a few words to all mothers who are going through a similar situation, assuring them that “they are not alone”:

“To all the mothers who are going through this complex and at the same time wonderful process: In what you live and in what you feel, you are not alone! It’s difficult, but we can! ”, the actress finished.


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