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Ferrari Portofino M
late autumn

Ferrari Portofino M

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Ferrari redesigned its open Portofino so subtly that you can hardly see it. Customers can look forward to 620 hp and a range of new comfort features.

The Ferrari Portofino doesn’t have it easy. As a descendant of the California, many Italian sports car fans still turn up their noses at the open 2 + 0 seater and at best accept it as a second-class Ferrari. On the other hand, the Ferrari Portofino is valued and loved by its customers for its high level of everyday use (space in the rear and 292 liters of cargo space). There were only slight changes in appearance. The front bumpers were equipped with small slots that are supposed to give the open joker a more aggressive design and the radiator grille has new aluminum rails. New ventilation slots have been integrated at the level of the wheel arches to reduce aerodynamic drag. At the rear, the northern Italian looks more elegant than before thanks to the new bumper and the corresponding rear apron.

A subtle model upgrade gives a slight increase in performance from 441 kW / 600 PS to 456 kW / 620 PS / 760 Nm and a new exhaust system and particle filter to comply with the increasingly strict exhaust gas regulations. While the engine power was previously transmitted to the rear axle via a seven-stage gearbox, the revised Portofino M does this with a dual-clutch gearbox that has eight gear stages. The top speed is over 320 km / h. The 1.7 tonne Portofino M accelerates from a standing start to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

Compared to the previous seven-speed gearbox, there is now a double clutch in the oil bath. Compared to the eight-speed transmission of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar, this offers a longer gear ratio and the reverse gear is engaged mechanically. Among other things, the torque available when upshifting (from 3rd to 8th gear) has been increased to 760 Nm. The space requirement of the new clutch group has been reduced by 20 percent, while the transmitted torque has increased by 35 percent, so that a dynamic torque of up to 1,200 Nm can be transmitted when shifting.

In the interior of the Portofino M, Ferrari fans can look forward to a new 10.25 touch screen and, if desired, air-conditioned leather seats. Like Porsche, Ferrari stays true to its analog tachometer in the cockpit, which is flanked by digital instruments. In addition to the three-stage ventilation function, there is still seat heating and neck warmer for open rides in cool temperatures. A second seven-inch display with information on speed, engine speed and gear engaged is available for the front passenger. The front passenger can interact with the vehicle’s on-board system, for example select music, display information from the satellite navigation system or navigate to a new stopover that is added to the route. The Ferrari developers have also stepped up with the driver assistance systems. In addition to distance cruise control with a traffic jam function, there is traffic sign recognition, blind spot and lane departure warning as well as emergency braking.


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