Ferrari SF90 Stradale: 1000 hp bolide thunders on the highway at 300 km/h in the crash barrier


Ferrari SF90 Stradale1000 hp bolide thunders into the crash barrier on the Autobahn at 300 km/h

Lucky in misfortune for a super sports car owner: The man crashes into a guard rail on a German autobahn at 300 km/h and only gets a few scratches. The car was totaled.

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A 59-year-old crashed his Ferrari into the guardrail while overtaking. Like a miracle…

… he only suffered minor injuries.

… he only suffered minor injuries.

In the photo gallery a few impressions of the destroyed Ferrari.

In the photo gallery a few impressions of the destroyed Ferrari.

That’s what it’s about

  • A 59-year-old German completely wrecks his Ferrari in Bavaria.

  • Depending on the equipment, the car can cost up to 750,000 francs.

  • A police officer who was there speaks of negligence and good luck for the driver.

An overtaking maneuver on the German A9 between Hilpoltstein and Greding completely fails. Early Thursday afternoon, a 59-year-old loses control of his Ferrari SF90 Stradale and crashes into the guardrail at 300 km/h. Miraculously, the man is only slightly injured, like «Focus» reported.

Traffic police officer Stefan Pfeiffer describes the 59-year-old as unreasonable: “If you have to be honest, if you’re talking about speeds of almost 300 km/h, then you have to think as a normal road user on a busy three-lane motorway, whether that is still responsible on the part of the road user.”

Bolide hat 1000 PS

The Ferrari owner only sustained minor injuries in the accident, as the passenger compartment of the SF90 Stradale is extremely solid. However, he was taken to a hospital to be checked. Policeman Pfeiffer still added: “We can speak of very good luck for the driver.”

Ferrari salvage operation on the German autobahn.

The Ferrari is an SF90 Stradale. New price: around 500,000 francs. However, this is in the standard version. If you want adjustments to the interior or other extras, it can quickly cost up to 750,000 francs. Oh yes, there is still the question of performance: The Ferrari has an 8-cylinder V-engine and a system output of 1000 hp, huh writes.

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