Ferrell reveals the details of the upcoming comet in a series of documentaries towards Earth

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The Firel Network revealed the dangers facing the planet in a series of documentaries entitled “Towards Earth”, where the first episode deals with the details of the new comet that is heading towards Earth, according to what has been monitored.

According to Ferrell, this comet comes days after the “green comet”, which appeared in the sky last month, as many scientific research in astronomy recently revealed new details about a very rare comet that is approaching Earth and will be visible to the naked eye.

The series of documentaries “Towards the Earth” will start its first episode next month by showing the movie “The Coming Comet”, which will be produced by “Fairl Advertising Company”, and will be shown on “Viral Network”, next month.

The documentary will reveal many new details and information about the comet, which is known as “C / 2023 A3”, as it was documented on February 22 by four telescopes in South Africa, Chile and Hawaii.

This comet was seen for the first time 80,000 years ago, that is, since ancient humans left Africa, but “C / 2023 A3” is moving at a speed of 290,000 kilometers per hour between Saturn and Jupiter, and it will approach the sun in September 2024, and about a month later, the comet will reach Rare to its closest point to Earth, specifically on October 13th.

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