fewer Covid cases, but a just-in-time intensive care unit

The positivity rate is 6% in the Cher and the incidence below the regional average. Other good news, the number of Covid patients in intensive care has greatly decreased, divided by two… but that is not why the service at the Jacques Coeur hospital center can breathe: all the beds are occupied and some patients even have to be sent to Tours, for lack of space: ” It is still very tense because we do not only have Covid patients “ explains Doctor Olivier Michel, head of resuscitation at the Bourges hospital center. “Today, hospitals have resumed their activity outside of COVID, which creates a double circuit, with a strong tension at the level of the establishments, not to say a strong fatigue at the level of the teams. During the first wave, at the Last spring, we saw around 30 Covid patients in intensive care. Since September, we have been 110 patients! It is really much more. We have maintained this over-staffed service at 14 beds, compared to 12 in normal times, but that is not always enough to accommodate all the patients. For lack of space, for example, we had to hospitalize a person in Tours yesterday. ”

Doctor Olivier Michel, head of the intensive care unit at the Jacques Coeur hospital in Bourges. © Radio France
Michel benoit

However, the circulation of the virus seems to be under control in the Cher. How to explain these good Covid statistics in the department? Doctor Olivier Michel puts forward several factors. Curfew implemented in advance in the Cher had a very positive impact according to him: ” We are benefiting from a slight decline in covid patients at the level of our establishments, and I believe that it is the curfew at 6:00 p.m., introduced a week before the other departments of the Region, which had a favorable impact. We must also add the effects of the vaccination which is going extremely well in the department since this vaccination is almost complete in the nursing homes. The epidemic peak which was very important in the Cher in November, December and even in January may lead us to think that the department was affected by a third wave before other departments which are undoubtedly no longer undergoing it now. “ The fact remains that this controlled situation still seems fragile. More than ever, barrier gestures must be respected.

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