Fewer than 1% of Netflix subscribers are playing games from the service


Netflix’s foray into gaming doesn’t seem to have had the desired success.According to Apptopia CNBC According to the analysis done, the company’s games have been downloaded 23.3 million times to date and have around 1.7 million daily subscribers – which may seem like a lot, but compared to Netflix’s total of 221 million subscribers, it means Less than 1% of subscribers are enjoying games included in their subscriptions.

Netflix did not respond to this, but in the past Netflix has said that it does not expect the gaming division to be immediately profitable.However, in the last seasonLost nearly 1 million subscribersEventually, Netflix may have run out of room to splurge, and other high-spending ventures — like Tudum, the company’s fan blog — are starting to frugal after a few months of operation.

Netflix hasn’t disclosed how much money it’s spending on games, but most signs point to a significant amount. In addition to buying Next Games for $72 million earlier this year, Netflix has recently acquired exclusive mobile game rights to two games, Spiritfarer and Into the Breach, which should also be expensive. . It’s hard to say how much more Netflix is ​​willing to spend if the number of players continues to slump.

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