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“Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light Theater Edition”, released in Japan on June 21, 2019, will be officially released on stage on October 15.

“Dad of Light” is a live-action story that describes the “Final Fantasy XIV” player Maidディー successfully wooing his father into the pit game. Taking advantage of his father’s first joining the game and not knowing the situation, he hides his true identity and slowly becomes a father in the game Friends of, so the father and son embarked on an adventure together in the game, bringing the two who had an awkward relationship in real life closer together.

Later, Maidya wrote the story of her adventure with her dad inBlogAfter being popular, it was remade into TV series and movie versions, and many famous contemporary actors were invited to interpret it. Through the powerful broadcast of the live-action version, the true story of Maidディー and “Dad of Light” moved many players.

The main actor of the movie version is played by Kotaro Yoshida, who has performed in “Kuniy of the Emperor” and “Uncle’s Love”, as the father, and the role of the son is by the performance of “Signal Long-term Unresolved Incident Investigation Team” and “Innocence Injustice Lawyer” Sakaguchi Kentaro is in charge.

The cast of the movie version is almost completely different from the cast of the Japanese TV series. Not only the actors are different, but the names of the characters in the TV series have also changed. Originally, the family name of the protagonist in the Japanese TV series was Inaba, but in the movie version, it was changed to Iwamoto. . In addition to the above differences, the script, voice actors and staff team are almost produced with the same lineup.

After the film version premiered in Japan in 2019, it was released in Hong Kong in October of the same year. The Hong Kong version is called “Final Fantasy XIV with My Father”. The translation used by Taiwanese filmmaker Tianma Xingkong is not the same as the Netflix Japanese version. Translated the name “Space Warrior XIV Dad of Light”, but used the original series “FINAL FANTASY XIV Dad of Light”.


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