FFXIV Endwalker: zoom on the new jobs side

DPS that get a makeover

This video therefore presents old and new job actions to us, however it will not have escaped your notice that certain classes have undergone a much heavier modification than others. This is particularly the case for the Monk who had until now been the subject of various adjustments during the cycle of Shadowbringer (changed light speeds, etc.), no surprise to players in this class who knew that more serious changes were in store for them in the next expansion. Much more conspicuous, even for people outside the class, the Summoner will completely abandon his Dots, but will recover the invocation of the 3 Primordials who were until then only simple Egi!

New life for healers

While DPS are allowed to be changed, healers will also undergo changes. First of all, the first big change with the arrival of the Sage concerns healers, which will be divided into Pure Healer (White Mage and Astromancer) and Shield Healer (Scholar and Sage). This change will result in a big overhaul for the Astro, who will lose their nocturnal theme to become a pure healer. Additionally, the group finder system will be changed to include this distinction between the two types of healers.

Other adjustments

Aside from this focus on combat classes, Naoki Yoshida comes back to some changes he had already talked about:

  • Removed belts and increased the size of the main and ring arsenal
  • Global downscaling resulting in reduced damage, HP and other stats (while maintaining a lower scale to avoid absurdly high values)

And also informs us about other modifications:

  • Removed some High Quality items to keep only mid-crafting equipment and items with this quality
  • Changing the cost of teleports

To conclude, Square Enix announces a multitude of goodies, for all tastes, which will be on sale soon, as well as the announcement of a rerun for the collaborative event with Dragon Quest. The next meeting is set for November 6 at 4 a.m. for the next Live Letter (surely the last one before the release ofEndwalker).

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