“FGO” Japanese online event “Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2021” debut today “Fate/Grand Order -First Order-“

FGO PROJECT (Notes, Aniplex, Delight Works)’s smartphone RPG “Fate/Grand Order》Japanese version of online activities》Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2021″ will debut today. The six-day event will bring various programs, read plays, concerts and more.

Day1 “FGO THE DRAMALOGUE Flashback Lostbelt No.1 – No.5 -Mash Kyrielight-“

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The AR reading drama titled “FGO THE DRAMALOGUE Flashback Lostbelt No.1 – No.5 -マシュ・キリエライト-” will lead the audience to review Chapter 5 of Part 2 from the perspective of Matthew through the lights and the performance of the audience. All the plots before. At the end, there will be a performance of the 2nd drama accompanying music suite “Anniversary Special Live ~Flashback Tracks~”.

Day2 “FGO Secret Meeting-Masquerade-“

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The dressed-up guests will gather together to bring in-depth conversations.

Day3 “Who is the first-class master ?! FGO Knowledge king!!」

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The guessing variety show brought by FGO voice actors, five FGO voice actors will challenge from simple answers to deep questions, and decide who is the original “FGO” Knowledge king」。

Day4Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Radio Station Plus Ultimate Singularity Crown Time Temple Solomon Public Memorial Special “

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Day5 “FGO World”

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“くらべて分かる! World of FGO” is to introduce to players the different variety shows of FGO operating around the world together with the guests. In addition, this program will also invite the development and operation teams to bring “Stitch” to talk about the unknown side of FGO. The “6th Anniversary Special Live ~Flashback Songs~” at the end of the program will bring a performance of FGOCM music.

Day6「Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station 6th Anniversary SP & Special Live ~ Maaya Sakamoto Unplugged ~ “

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With a luxurious lineup, the latest information on FGO PROJECT and Fate PROJECT will be brought to the players. At the end of the show, Maaya Sakamoto will sing “Fate/Grand Order》The theme song, the beginning of the program will also bring a physical introduction of the official merchandise.


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