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From today, June 29, 2022 (Wednesday) 13:00『Fate/Grand Order(FGO)』Maintenance will be carried out at.

Be careful as the Holy Grail front is over

Maintenance will be carried out at “FGO” from 13:00 on June 29, 2022 (Wednesday).

With this update, the application version on each platform will be updated to “Ver.2.56.0”.

With the new introduction of the advertisement analysis tool, when “FGO” is started for the first time after this maintenance and update,Terms of Use Consent Confirmation DialogWill be redisplayed.

At the same time, a notice of “Revision of Terms of Use regarding the acquisition and use of information” has been announced. The terms of use will be updated, so please check the following in advance.

■ Revised Terms of Service

Red wordIs the content that has been changed.

Article 8 (Acquisition and use of information)
7. The customer, for the purpose of improving the quality of this application and improving the defects,Backtrace I / O, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Backtrace”), called “Backtrace”, BacktraceYou agree in advance that the information specified below may be collected and analyzed by the tools operated by. In addition, the customer will not be identified by Backtrace by collecting and analyzing such information.
(1) Your account
(2) Setting information such as application, OS version, device name, screen size, etc.
(3) Information about application usage such as communication and memory status
(4) Information on the crash occurrence status such as the error occurrence time and location

8. The customer may use adjust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “adjust”) for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of advertisements, analyzing the usage status of this application, and delivering optimal advertisements. It is agreed in advance that the information specified below may be collected by the tool operated by adjust, and then analyzed. In addition, the customer will not be identified by adjust by collecting and analyzing such information.
(1) Hash IP address
(2) Mobile identifiers such as iOS (IDFA) advertising IDs, Google ad IDs, or similar mobile identifiers.
(3) Installation and initial launch of the app on your mobile device
(4) In-app interaction (for example, in-app purchase, registration)
(5) Information about advertisements you have seen or clicked
(6) Sensory data including touch events, text change counts, accelerometers, gyroscopes, batteries, light sensors, device hardware specifications, and operating system versions.
In addition, adjust manages the acquired information under the responsibility of adjust based on adjust’s policy. Please see adjust’s privacy policy for more information.


[Correspondence date and time]
June 29, 2022 (Wednesday) 13: 00-18: 00 (planned)

* The implementation time may change.

■ Game update

No. content
1. New introduction of advertising analysis tool and accompanying update of terms of use and rights notation
2. End of limited-time event “Holy Grail Front-Moonsault Operation-“
3. 「Road to 7 [Lostbelt No.3]End
4. Holy Grail Summon (for a limited time) End of “Holy Grail Front-Moonsault Operation-Pickup Summon”
5. Summoning Saint Quartz (for a limited time) End of “Holy Grail Front-Moonsault Operation-Pickup 2 Summon”
6. Saint Quartz Summon (Limited Time) End of “” Lostbelt No.3 “Pickup Summon”

■ Bug fixes

No. content
1. Fixed a bug that some Servants may not be able to transition from the “Servant Quest” item on the Servant Details screen to the target quest board when the story or enhancement quest between the curtains is released due to the Second Coming of the Reiki.
2. Fixed a bug that some Servants’ Servant Details screen may transition to a different quest board when selecting a story between curtains or an enhanced quest from the “Servant Quest” item under certain circumstances.
3. Fixed a bug that an error dialog may be displayed when the level of some servants is strengthened to a certain level or higher on the servant strengthening screen.
4. Fixed a bug that the application may be terminated by displaying the “Support selection error” dialog when touching the “Quest start” button after performing a specific procedure on the support selection screen.
5. Fixed a bug that the quest information screen may not be closed even if you touch the back key of the terminal when displaying some quest information screens on some Android devices.

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