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Fierce Wife in Bed, Adjunct Officer Bluntly Mupeng if Jennifer Jill wears a swimsuit so she can’t bear to do this: wealth is number that’s all …

GridStar.ID – Household Ajun Perwira and Jennifer Jill as if never out of the public eye.

His second marriage was established in 2019 and was held lively.

Jennifer Jill and Ajun Perwira known to be 17 years different.

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With a considerable age difference, Ajun and Jennifer have adapted to each other in their household affairs.

Launching from, the Adjunct Officer found many surprising things about Jennifer Jill’s figure, including the character of the wife who was fierce in bed.

The adjunct also shared when he first saw Jennifer swimming after coming home from the bar.

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Jennifer Jill admitted, must have swam after returning from the bar, and at that time there was an Adjunct Officer.

“I’m always drunk swimming, no matter what time it is,” said Jennifer Jill, quoted from the Melaney Ricardo vlog, Friday (9/10/2020).

“Especially wearing a swimsuit, physically yes,” said the Adjunct Officer in Jennifer’s words, smiling seductively.

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“Make boys cute,” said Ajun again.

Hearing this confession, Melaney Ricardo was speechless.

The reason is, when he first met him, for Melaney, Ajun was a figure he already considered as a younger brother.

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The Adjunct Officer could only smile after hearing Melaney Ricardo’s impression when he saw him first.

“I can’t brake Mel, I saw Jennifer swimming and couldn’t brake, so I wanted to jump in too,” said Ajun.

That allowed Jennifer Jill.

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According to him, Ajun could only see from above the swimming pool.

Apart from being physically attractive, Jennifer’s figure makes Ajun happy.

Despite the fact that his wife is rich.

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One more time, Ajun Perwira said the matter of property is only the umpteenth number.

“(Wealth) That’s the umpteenth number. The thing is, I saw him being happy with his character,” he said Ajun Perwira.



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