Fifa 22 in the test: EA is now really playing in the Champions League – game test

For decades there has been a new edition of the popular console kick every year. EA Sports promises a better game every year – of course. This year, however, the developers seem to have really turned some decisive adjustments, because “FIFA 22” feels better than ever before. Our test.

Over 700 international teams, more than 17,000 original player names and values ​​and lots of other details from the world of football. This mass of original licenses alone makes “FIFA” the number 1 for fans when it comes to virtual kicks.

Photo: Source: S. Schirmer

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We tested the game with the Playstation 5Photo: Source: S. Schirmer

And yet, EA Sports has not taken such a step in terms of gameplay, the actual core of a football simulation, for many years.

Fluid, intelligent and understandable

That is why we focus on what is happening on the pitch. Here is a real step forward compared to „FIFA 21“ noticeable. Above all, the intelligence of the players, the MIT players in the team, has improved significantly. The developers like to quickly juggle the term “AI” (Artificial Intelligence).

Die Hauptmenüs wurde für Fifa 22 neu gestaltet, bietet jetzt mehr ÜbersichtPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

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The main menu has been redesigned for Fifa 22 and now offers a better overviewPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

In any case, we can say: From defense to midfield to attack, the computer-controlled teammates behave more intuitively than ever before. As is usual in modern football, a player on the outside lane runs almost to the opposing baseline in order to serve as a pass and one-two station on the way there. Class!

In general, the movements of the players, including those of the opponent, are more understandable than last year. They no longer seem so uncontrolled and also involve the other players more and seem to react to one another.

Die neue Standard-Kamera-Einstellung ist etwas weiter entfernt, gibt einem dafür aber mehr Gesamtübersicht. Sie lässt sich in den Einstellungen anpassenPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

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The new standard camera setting is a little further away, but gives you a better overview. It can be adjusted in the settingsPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

We tested the game on the Playstation 5. For the next-gen consoles (including Xbox Series X / S (and Stadia), EA Sports is talking about a new technology called “Hypermotion.” It should be responsible for ensuring that the movements of the players on the pitch are particularly realistic can only say: Mission accomplished! Because on this point, too, “FIFA 22” can go a long way.

Balanced difficulty

Players take the ball out of the air, start a volley at the right time or the attacker flies through the sixteenth after sugar flank and heads in. Scenes that we haven’t seen on FIFA for a long time. But above all it’s fun because the intelligence of the opponent and the goalkeeper is damn well balanced. From a certain level (we play “professional” and “world class”) goals have to be played well in order to overcome the defense and the goalkeeper. These act so naturally that there is seldom frustration because one thinks: “This is badly programmed.”

Fifa-Neulinge bekommen eine sehr urbane Einführung in die Steuerung und lernen Basis-Tricks von YouTube-Star Lisa Zimouche aka Lisa FreestylePhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

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Fifa newbies get a very urban introduction to the controls and learn basic tricks from YouTube star Lisa Zimouche aka Lisa FreestylePhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

Feature fireworks


Free online games

In addition to the fast games and seasons, little has changed in the different modes in „FIFA 22“. Why also? The game was already packed with features. The most important:

FIFA Ultimate Team: It’s the most popular mode among FIFA fans. With the combination of trading card game and online football simulation, you can assemble a team (and buy it!) – and then compete against others online.

There will be a separate test for this mode in the coming days.

Wer Glück hat, findet in den Ultimate-Teams-Decks einen richtigen Star mit guten WertenPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

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If you are lucky, you will find a real star with good values ​​in the Ultimate Teams decksPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

Fifa 22 career: OUR new favorite mode. Here, players (offline) can also set up and support their own team as a manager or as a player. Training, tactics, the player market and the games of a whole season from league games to Champions League finals are part of the inventory. We will also be introducing this “game within a game” in more detail soon.

Time: Included since “FIFA 20”: Volta is the Portuguese word for “back”. With street football, “FIFA 20” was intended to remind people of the origins of the world’s most popular sport and, with Volta, also brought the old “FIFA Street” to mind. Small pitches, a maximum of five players. Real fun that can also be played as a career.

Im Karriere-Modus hat man selbst in der Hand, ob ein Team gut drauf ist oder nichtPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

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In career mode it is up to you whether a team is in a good mood or notPhoto: Source: S. Schirmer

It’s all OK?

There is always room for improvement. Many of the animations and cutscenes in story-driven modes such as career mode seem wooden. As in previous years. Some might also notice the slightly changed overall speed of the games in a negative way. But this can be turned a little in the settings.

In addition, the first few hours with Ultimate Team seem to signal: Players have to invest a lot of time or real money in order to keep up with the community. Many prices within the game have been increased and cheaper packs have been abolished. But more about that in our dedicated review.


All in all, “FIFA” has never been so much fun!


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