FIFA offers compulsory maternity leave

FIFA will introduce new regulations to protect the rights of female players, including compulsory maternity leave, the world’s football governing body said on Thursday.

The reforms were proposed by the FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee and will be submitted to the FIFA Council next month for approval.

While many players in Europe are already protected by labor law in their respective countries, FIFA says its goal is to create « new global minimum standards » for women players around the world, given the rapid emergence of new clubs and leagues globally.

14 weeks of leave and two-thirds of the salary

The proposed rules include compulsory maternity leave of 14 weeks, a minimum of two-thirds of the player’s contractual salary and a guarantee that ” no player should be at a disadvantage as a result of pregnancy. »

The planned regulations also state that upon returning to work after maternity leave, clubs must ” reinstate players and provide adequate medical and physical support. »


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