Fifi Abdo organizes belly dance training courses in Italy

Egyptian dancer and artist Fifi Abdo began organizing training courses to teach the arts of belly dancing in Italy, in her first artistic appearance in a long time.

And Fifi Abdo, through her official account on the “Instagram” website, posted videos on the sidelines of her training for the girls there for the arts of oriental dance, amid a warm welcome to her, as she was received in the hall amid warm applause.

The Egyptian dancer arrived in Italy about two days ago to participate in the “Keshta Dance” festival, where she posted a video clip upon her arrival commenting on it, saying: “The Cream Dance Festival, all of you dancers, I am happy that I have you in Italy, this is my first trip outside Egypt since the time of Corona, I will see you soon, I love you.”

Fifi Abdo commented on the video, saying: “Good evening, I am still in Italy to attend and honor a belly dance festival here.”

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