Fifteenth day with no new confirmed cases of Ebola

May 29, 2020

Kinshasa, DR Congo, May 29 (Infosplusgabon) – The countdown to the declaration of the end of the epidemic of Ebola virus disease, which began on May 14, 2020, is on its fifteenth day without a new case be notified, reports the daily bulletin of the national multisectoral committee of the Ebola response transmitted on Friday.

The declaration of the end of the current Ebola epidemic in DR Congo will be made 42 days after the negative test for the last patient discharged from the Ebola treatment center (CTE), i.e. twice the incubation period of this disease which is 21 days. This negative test took place on May 14, 2020.

Research continues around the confirmed case of April 16, 2020 hidden in the community. He has already totaled 41 days after his notification and 45 days after the onset of his symptoms. Since the resurgence of the Ebola virus disease epidemic in the Beni health area on April 10, 2020, seven confirmed cases have been recorded, of which four have died. The source also indicates that 2,129 people were vaccinated from April 11 to May 20, 2020 around the resurgent cases of Beni.

Since the declaration of this Ebola epidemic on August 1, 2018, the cumulative number of cases is 3,463, of which 3,317 are confirmed and 146 probable. In total, there were 2,280 deaths (2,134 deaths from confirmed cases and 146 deaths from probable cases) and 1,171 winners (healed persons, or survivors). Currently, 418 suspected cases are under investigation.

DR Congo has already vaccinated Ebola against 303,905 people with the first rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine since August 08, 2018 until May 19, 2020. Among these vaccinated people are healthcare providers, contacts and contacts of contacts of patients.

Since the start of the epidemic, the cumulative number of travelers checked (temperature taking) at health checkpoints, until May 26, 2020 is 178,061,057. To date, 50 points of entry (PoE) and health control (PoC) are operational out of the 109 set up in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri in order to protect the major cities of the country and avoid the spread of the epidemic in neighboring countries.


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