Fifth wave of Covid-19, third dose, pension reform … What to remember from Macron’s speech

REPORT – Faced with the epidemic resurgence, and at the dawn of the presidential campaign, the Head of State addressed the French from the Elysee Palace on Tuesday evening. Here is the summary.

Ninth speech in twenty months. Faced with the epidemic recovery observed in Europe since the start of the school year, which poses the threat of a fifth wave of Covid-19 in the country, Emmanuel Macron once again addressed the French this Tuesday evening. The President of the Republic took advantage of this solemn intervention from the Elysee Palace, standing at the desk, to return to certain aspects already mentioned during his previous speech, on July 12: he particularly insisted on the health and economic aspects. .

No return of confinement or curfew

The situation is certainly worrying. But it does not justify the return of the restrictions applied between spring 2020 and summer 2021. There is therefore no question to date of reintroducing containment measures, or even a curfew.

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The health pass of seniors will be conditioned to the third dose in mid-December

The trail was in the pipes. As suggested by Jean Castex, the president confirmed that the health pass for seniors was going to be conditioned on the third dose. As of December 15, those over 65 will therefore have to submit to the recall so that the validity of their “green” document continues.

50-64 year olds will be eligible for the vaccine booster “early December”

The rule of concentric circles. As when the vaccine was put into circulation about a year ago, the population eligible for injections will gradually be enlarged. Thus, the 50-64 year olds should be the next to benefit from it, “from the beginning of December».

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No vaccination for children aged 5 to 11 at this stage

The subject is sensitive. Unlike the United States, which started the campaign to vaccinate children with Pfizer serum last week, the president has not expressed the wish to include 5-11 year olds in the device. And this despite the claims of the American laboratory, which claims 90% efficiency in this age group.

Bars, sports halls … Reinforced controls to avoid closures

Watch out for slackening. To avoid possible closures in the area of ​​bars and sports halls – suspected of being places of contamination – controls will be stepped up. How to ask the tenants to be more rigorous in the verification of the sanitary pass of the customers, and the installation of the reminder book.

From «first really effective treatments» expected «from the end of the year»

An alternative way out of the crisis. Emmanuel Macron announced “the arrival, at the end of the year, of the first truly effective treatments against severe forms of Covid 19“. The Head of State promises that it will be a “new weapon to fight against the virus“Enabled thanks to”the researchOf France in this area.

Unemployment benefits «suspended» for job seekers who are not actively seeking

A shock measure. Faithful to his logic of “rights and duties”, Emmanuel Macron was annoyed to note that too many job vacancies remained unfilled by the unemployed, which “clashes with common sense“. This is why he wants to suspend unemployment benefits for job seekers “that will not demonstrate active research».

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Pension reform will not come back during this five-year term

«The conditions are not met“. Emmanuel Macron put an end to the endless series of pension reform by announcing that the text would not finally see the light of day before the end of the five-year term. The project, which he continues to defend, should be reinstated in his program for 2022.

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Work more, and “Longer“. And this “from 2022“. Although he has given up on putting his pension reform back on the job, Emmanuel Macron continues to work on this project. His work in particular led him to consider that “push back the legal age“Of retirement, and no longer be satisfied with the pivotal age set at 64 years in the first version of the text in early 2020. The president finally renewed his wish to”a fairer and more harmonized system between the public and the private sector», Via the abolition of special regimes. He also pleaded for “that no pension is less than 1000 euros“And invited to”encourage work beyond the legal retirement ageFor those who wish.

Unemployment insurance: the next step will apply from December 1

The schedule will be kept. While all economic indicators are green, the Head of State confirmed that the next stage of unemployment insurance reform would apply from December 1 – a stage deemed “indispensable“. Clearly, it will be necessary to have worked six months and no longer four to benefit from an allowance, and the degression will apply beyond the sixth month and no longer the eighth.

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Construction of new EPR-type nuclear reactors

Energy of the future or the future of energy? Surprised guest of the pre-campaign for the presidential election, nuclear power has become a strong subject at the end of the mandate. After announcing in mid-October investments for 1 billion euros in small nuclear reactors (SMR), the president confirmed the construction of new EPRs, a “first in decades».

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Strengthen independence from the United States and Asia through «France 2030»

Project the country. Emmanuel Macron once again insisted on his great plan called “France 2030”. This strategy, which will mobilize 30 billion euros of investment, aims to strengthen the independence of France and Europe vis-à-vis the United States and Asia. A “feasible ambition“On condition of”lucid voluntarism“, Rather than a”unattainable dream” according to him.

“The results are there” but “work remains to be done”

No inventory charge yet. But a first assessment. Emmanuel Macron recalled that “10,000 police and gendarmes“Had been recruited in five years, and that the justice budget had”increased in an unprecedented way“. If he considers that “The results are in“, Emmanuel Macron said to himself”lucid about the work that remains to be done», Especially in matters of security, justice and the environment.

“A France which remains itself” in the face of the “return of nationalism”

A very political conclusion. “Don’t be afraid, believe in ourselves, believe in France“, Urged Emmanuel Macron. Evoking “a France that remains itself, strong in its history, its culture, its language, its secularism“, And praising the”spirit of resistance“, The president denounced the”return of nationalism“. Which is embodied according to him, although he did not name them, by Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour.


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