Fight against Covid-19 – An application to flush out sources of contamination

The HUG have developed a citizen platform called @choum to better break the chains of transmission.

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A fictitious sneeze to identify an outbreak of Covid-19 contamination. This is the principle of a new epidemiological monitoring tool, called @choum, developed by the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), in collaboration with EPFL as well as lis uuniversities of Geneva and Paris. The goal is to early detection of clusters and break the transmission chains thanks to citizen participation.

Symptom concentrations

The principle: a volunteer citizen tdownload the CoronApp-HUG application – which hosts the tool – then s‘registered indicating age, gender, telephone number, personal and professional addresses. “These informations are preserved on the HUG server and protected, specifies Idris Guessous, project manager and chief medical officer of the primary medical service at the HUG. In addition, the two addresses are not saved as is.: the program does not keep the precise location but only a perimeter within a radius of 100 meters around the address. There is no geolocation.“On the day the user experiences symptoms of Covid-19, he return to l’application and appuie on the “@choum” button. Two alerts shave so reported in his professional and personal perimeters. Is this sofficially accurate pto allowidentify a cluster? “Yes, we think it is. We do not seek to detect clusters of cases, for example a person and his relatives under one roof, but rather clusters of symptoms, i.e. the beginning of spatial organizatione of cases in a pool of life. This is another way to be proactive in the fight against the virus. ”

Encourage the test

He adds that the tool is also a means of prevention and control of the epidemic.. «NOur studies have shown that once a cluster is born, its survival and spread depends onent the environment in which it operates. @choum allows us to directly inform and encourage targeted testing.»

The symptoms of Covid-19 merge with those of the flu in particular. Do we not risk ending up with multiple alerts for Covids that are not not? “SARS-CoV-2 has such a transmission capacity, and even more so with the new variants, that we are able to l’identifier thanks to his behaviour. In addition, theis risk of “parasitic noise” are weak, the other viruses – gastroenteritis, influenza – being manointings present than usual. “

After a test phase, @choum was launched Friday and currently has around 400 users – HUG is hoping for 10,000. The project is financed by private funds up to 200000 francs. Face to the national application Swisscovid, n’isn’t it redundant? “No, rather complementary. We try to intervene upstream while Swisscovid focuses more on tracing contact cases. ”

Posted: 02/17/2021, 8:41 PM

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