Fight against global warming – Lausanne’s climate plan is unveiled

The City is aiming for zero carbon emissions in 2050. In terms of measures, there is in particular “the renunciation of any thermal vehicle in the city by 2030”.

Place de la Gare is one of the biggest heat islands in Lausanne.

Odile Meylan

“0% carbon, 100% solidarity”. This is the slogan that crowns the climate plan for the city of Lausanne. Behind him, a long series of measures which will require “several billion” of invested francs, over about thirty years.

Changing mobility

Mobility is one of the main priority areas of action. Thus, it is planned to “renounce” any thermal vehicle on the territory by 2030. With that, transfer objectives to other modes of travel are set: increase of 50% of kilometers traveled by public transport, 20% of those made on foot and multiplication by 7 of the kilometers by bike. Moreover, major routes for cyclists will be drawn from the four cardinal points of the city towards its center.

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