Fight for relegation in the Bundesliga – showdown of cellar children – sport

Nobody is giving up in the fight against relegation this season. Düsseldorf and Bremen in particular are not ready for the second division and are fighting against the dark powers – with silver balls, garlic and brave football.

You don’t need a cranky parapsychologist with a tape and night vision device to recognize the supernatural phenomena in the basement of the Bundesliga table. The spook in the relegation zone is not exactly subtle. In hypothermic ghost games, clubs from Mainz, Frankfurt, Berlin-Köpenick and Augsburg, which are already classified as creep-resistant, may still face the sheer horror. Dusseldorf, Bremen and Paderborner, who are dedicated to relegation, are fighting against the dark powers with silver balls, garlic and courageous football – and provoking a showdown as ghost hunters by challenging the four better-placed competitors twice each to direct duels in the season finish will.

The Düsseldorfers have recently “brought their trauma from nine gambled tours – most recently at 2-2 to 2-0 in Cologne – to bed”, as their Anglic-style coach Uwe Rösler never tires of emphasizing. Nevertheless, sleep is out of the question. Born in Thuringia, Rösler transferred his experiences from the Premier League to the Bundesliga in terms of both rhetoric and football. The Fortuna plays a British cool one under him One touch football including brisk pressing. She has recently generated ten points from six games. In addition, Rösler raves in interviews about the Düsseldorf Altbier in such a way that one could believe that his salary was paid in part by city marketing.

With such effectiveness, you have lost nothing in the second division

Now Altbier to combat demons is hardly known as a stylistic device from horror films. But even with holy water you could not harm the descent ghost. As a result, the Bremen team is also very pragmatic when it comes to football that is characterized by great willingness to run. “101 percent passion” is the combative slogan of trainer Florian Kohfeldt. In the most recent two games, a 1-0 win in Freiburg and a 0-0 win over Mönchengladbach, they did not concede a goal and received a total of four points for a single goalie. With such effectiveness against seasoned Bundesliga clubs, you have lost nothing in the second division.

And even the brave Paderborn think their rescue is still possible. With 18 points still to be awarded, nobody needs to use the phrase “miracle”, says defiant coach Baumgart. He surprisingly joins the relegation battle announcement of the cellar children. Not only because the season runs until the end of June for the first time, it seems quite possible that relegated teams from the Bundesliga will not be known until the summer has officially started. Perhaps this year nightmares will only come true in the Bundesliga when the nights are the shortest.


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