Fight in Transmilenio for a woman who did not wear a mask

In a recording, disseminated on social networks and published in this note, it is heard when one of the passengers complains to the one who was not wearing the mask to use it, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The woman who did not wear the mask inside the bus Transmilenio He alleged that he had dropped it when taking the transport, and asked him not to be “inhumane.”

However, more passengers joined the claim and asked him if he did not have mask then yese will be lowered from the system to avoid the risk of contagion.

It was then that the unprotected woman passed by the side of the passenger who made the claim in the first instance and that’s where the fist fight began.

Other Transmilenio users tried to calm things down, as you will hear below, but the attacks continued; even a witness to the fight described the situation in Citynoticias as “a pitched battle.”

The situation occurs a few days after it was known that several Transmilenio users they forgot the social distancing and started dancing in an article, as if the pandemic is already gone.

In addition, it is similar to what happened recently in the Medellin Metro, where there were tufts and fists between passengers, for a position.

It should be noted that the use of face masks is mandatory in Colombia, which is still on alert for a possible outbreak of coronavirus that would occur between November and December.

Adopting habits like constant hand washing and social distancing is also essential to prevent infection.


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