Fight of ‘Tatán’ Mejía in ‘Masterchef’ left him repentant with the judges

Sebastian ‘Tatan’ Mejia exploded against the chefs who evaluate the preparations, although his strongest exchange of words was with the Chilean Christopher Carpentier.

After the tense moment, the athlete had to pair up with the troubadour Marco Giraldo, better known as ‘Corozo’, and together with him he recognized before the reality cameras that his complaints would bring him consequences at the time of being evaluated.

“I screwed up… with them, now who sucks them,” he initially exclaimed.

And he added that he was at a disadvantage in front of the judges ofMasterchef’, among which are also Nicolás de Zubiría and Jorge Rausch.

“No longer is it going to be possible to tell them anything, it would be my turn to tell them: ‘Yes, sir, whatever you say, sir,’” he lamented.

But his vent did not stop there, as he added that it was a strategic mistake on his part to react like this because he was not supported by many contestants.

“I think the one who was wrong was me”, concluded the popular ‘Tatán’, which is now fighting to enter the group of 10 semifinalists of the program.

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In fact, the dish that he presented with ‘Corozo’ after the altercation did not receive the best concepts from Rausch, who criticized: “The pasta is very thick and the meatballs are very dry.”

However, Carpentier lowered his temperature to the clash and told them: “I love you. Do not give up, return to your position with an open and motivated soul”.

Click here to see the words of ‘Tatán’ (from minute 20:00).

‘Tatán’ Mejía remained hot for argument with judges of Masterchef

The motorcyclist also spoke on his Instagram account, where he reaffirmed his discomfort at the treatment he has received from the chefs.

“I believe that if you treat someone as what they are, they will continue to be what they are; treat it as what it can become and it will become what it is meant to be,” she wrote.

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