fighting along the main access route in the Central African Republic makes humanitarian aid deliveries difficult

The fighting currently taking place along the main road leading to the Central African Republic (CAR) from Cameroon is making it increasingly difficult to deliver humanitarian aid to the 2.3 million people in crisis. food insecurity, UN aid officials said on Monday.

“The very high level of insecurity along the main supply route from Cameroon (MSR1) has caused a suspension of imports,” said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) . “More than 1,600 incoming trucks, 500 of which were carrying humanitarian supplies, have been stranded at the border since mid-December,” OCHA added.

Aid organizations are starting to report critical shortages, including food and first aid kits, OCHA said.

The closure of this supply route also led to a 75 to 220% increase in the prices of basic food products such as cassava, oil, meat and rice in several markets in the country, including in Bangui, the capital of the CAR. The suspension of truck traffic has also led to the closure of several other markets, OCHA said.

“This is happening against a backdrop of severe food insecurity, with 2.3 million people already food insecure,” OCHA said in a statement.

“OCHA is very concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in CAR, which has led to an increase in the flow of internally displaced persons. Between December 15 and January 28, 226,000 people were thus preventively internally displaced. Among them, 129,000 have since returned home, but 97,000 remain displaced, “the statement said.

Aid agencies initially requested US $ 444.7 million to help CAR in 2021, but at the time it was only planned to help 1.84 million people.


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