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The mainland UFC fighter Zhang Weili just ended his duel with the “villain” Rose Namajunas (Rose Namajunas). This defeat attracted a lot of attention from the outside world. Among them, netizens and Zhang Weili choked each other on the Internet. She was in the agency. A message in the group said: “If you lose, you will blame the referee for injustice!” And Zhang Weili replied: “Get out!” It is very domineering and concise, and it has attracted the support of netizens.

It seems that Zhang Weili is very concerned about winning or losing this time. He also said that he was looking forward to the coming of the second battle. In the past few days, he has seldom spoken out to the outside world. And her first move to make up her mind was not to practice hard, but to “shave the will “. Yesterday she posted three photos of herself cutting her hair through the community. In the pictures, it is clear that her original long braided hair has been cut off and turned into crisp short hair, which seems a bit less lethal, but yes. It’s really refreshing for an athlete. In addition, she also added a text saying: “This way you can better focus on training!”

It seems that she is determined to have a revenge battle with Rosna Mayunas, and it is worth mentioning that the two UFC featherweight champion Rosna Mayunas also had long hair a few years ago. However, in order to focus more on training and competition, she shaved off her long hair and turned it into her current appearance. Unexpectedly, her performance after cutting her hair has also improved by leaps and bounds. Zhang Weili may also want to follow the same pattern and learn from the opponent’s way.

Although we don’t know when the second duel will be held, from Zhang Weili’s calmness on the Internet and yesterday’s move to cut her long hair, I have to say that she slowly put the defeat behind her and adopted a more positive attitude. To welcome the fighting career that she will face in the future, as a public figure, she is burdened with the expectations of mainland Chinese people. She must be under great pressure. This time, she may let everyone see her more mature side and look forward to her next career development. !

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