Figures for the coronavirus in Belgium this Tuesday, July 5: contaminations up sharply, the situation remains stable in intensive care

Cases detected¹ : between 25/06 and 01/07, 5518 new coronavirus infections were detected on average every day. This is an increase of 44% compared to the previous week.

Tests : between 25/06 and 01/07, an average of 18.800 tests were carried out daily, a total up 27% from the previous week.

Admissions : they amount on average to 119 between 28/06 and 04/07. It is an increase of 17% compared to the previous week.

People hospitalized² : 1526 patients are currently hospitalized in connection with Covid-19, including 73 patients treated in intensive care.

Positivity rate³ : based on the results of the tests obtained between 25/06 and 01/07, it is 30,1%up 3.1% from last week.

Reproduction rate : calculated on the basis of the evolution of admissions, the Rt of the coronavirus is now established at 1,11. When it is greater than 1, it means that the transmission of the virus is accelerating.

Death : between 25/06 and 01/07, 7,9 people died on average from the virus. Since the start of the epidemic, 31,952 people have died from the coronavirus.

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