FIGURES – Tony Dandrades: Give his most serious face in controversy with ‘El Pachá’

Tony Dandrades had not referred to the subject, more than in jokes, but yesterday he did it forcefully, making clear his opinion about what happened last week in “The Show of Noon” (Color Vision) when in the middle of a prepared tribute for him, Frederick Martínez (El Pachá) insulted him.

The Univisión journalist called his colleague ignorant when he related what happened in an interview with the Mexican television presenter Alejandra Espinoza in the segment “Break de las 7”, where he addressed the issue of racism.

The Dominican journalist related the different moments when he has been a victim of racism.

“Recently, on a live television program, I was described as being on Univision for so long, because I was black and on Univision they filled a quota. An ignorant person was outrageous and that is racism too, ”explained Dandrades, who described the comment as racist, in addition, clarified that he is on the Univisión network because he has talent and does his job well.

Martínez, who strangely apologized for his offenses and even has a lawsuit against nivisión, accused Dandrades of not knowing how to do his job and of being at Univisión because the company had to fill a quota with the colored race. The conflict between the communicators arises after the criticism that the journalist has made of Dominican television

About racism Tony Dandrades said that when he married his wife Amy Rose, who is white and American, they branded him as wanting to fix the race, he also said that many years ago he was not allowed to enter any nightclub claiming that they reserved the right entrance or there was a private party.

The journalist recalled that next week he will be celebrating his birthday and is still wondering why racism exists in the world.


Role of TV.

Tony Dandrades, 51, also referred to the fundamental role of educating for tolerance that television has, but that it does not always fulfill. “What you see in the novels through the years is that image that white is perfect, we have never seen a soap opera starring blacks.”

The antecedent

The root of the controversy with Frederick Martínez comes from August 2017 when Tony Dandrades criticized the contents of Dominican television. “My last comment regarding RD TV. Except for a few with quality, the mediocre battalion is large, “said the Dominican journalist at the time.


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