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The Argentine club Tayres de Cordoba, and its neighbor, Belgrano de Cordoba, are in absurd days due to their players’ involvement in strange incidents.

On Sunday evening, the Colombian Dairo Moreno, Tayres player, was involved in a crisis, due to his involvement in a traffic accident during the curfew period.

Moreno, 34, owns 31 caps for Colombia, will face legal accountability in at least one breach.

Moreno was in the passenger’s car seat, which was driven by his Venezuelan friend and agent, Oscar Huerto, and another girl was in the back seat, according to the Argentinian newspaper Clarin.

With the quarantine broken, the trio got involved in a traffic accident when they rammed a motorcycle driven by a 23-year-old girl, who sustained minor injuries.

The player and his comrades acted strange, as they fled the scene, but returned minutes later, in conjunction with the arrival of the police, who found alcoholic bottles in the car.

This comes days after a more bizarre incident, in which the club’s goalkeeper, guardian Belgrano de Cordoba, was involved in Carlos Emmanuel Franco.

Franco, 28, was arrested by the police for driving in the opposite direction, and when inspected, quantities of cocaine were found.

The player immediately denied his knowledge of cocaine and said that it was not his property, and his club is seriously considering layoffs.

The Argentine league has been canceled since last April, weeks after being suspended by the Corona pandemic.

Argentina has identified more than 12,000 cases of coronavirus, and recorded more than 450 deaths.

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