FilGoal | News | Fyler: Al-Ahly’s training makes me exhausted … but it will make me a better coach

Al-Ahly coach Rene Fyler acknowledged the difficulty of his tasks between the walls of the Red Fort in light of the goals that the team seeks to achieve and the titles he wants to win.

In an interview with Swiss NZZ, Fyler said: “My experience here with Al-Ahly is incredibly exciting and exciting, and this club will make me a better and more complete coach.”

The Swiss coach added, “Working in Al-Ahly requires me to do more than I did in any team I coached previously. I feel a bit tired.”

“You have to deal with the players here differently from Europe under pressure on them and with a team of 30 players, it won’t be easy to work,” he said.

On the replacement of 13 coaches in Al-Ahly since 2014 and before assuming the task of coaching the red team, Filer said: “The exception in the Egyptian league is that the coach survives and completes the season to its end, and indeed in the current season more than 12 coaches have been changed for different teams.”

“In football, every coach has some pressure, but here in the Egyptian league it is different, the demands are huge and the defeats are unacceptable,” he said.

And he continues, “In the Egyptian league, if there are no victories, your assignment as a coach will end very quickly.”

On the quality of the Egyptian football fans, Fyler said: “The people here are very emotional and live with football. For me, the club creates the identity of the fan.”

Feiler completed his statements about the future of football in Egypt and Africa because of the spread of the Corona virus, saying: “I stay in a hotel 90% of it empty due to the Corona crisis, and I meet very few foreign businessmen who are unable to return to their country, and nobody knows if it is possible To complete the tournaments and competitions as planned in April or not. “

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