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Arsenal goalkeeper Damien Martinez did not hold his breath after the England Cup crowning, to cry next to Bir Aubameyang.

Arsenal defeated Chelsea 2-2 to win the 14th England Cup title in its history. (See details)

Martinez, who has protected Arsenal’s den since Lino’s injury, did not hide his tears while speaking after the match with the BBC, saying: “I really can’t speak.”

“I told Aubameyang before the match that he would win the title for us,” he added.

Before Aubameyang boycotted him and spoke, “All due respect to this man (Martinez). We are very happy with this title, and you can see Martinez’s tears.”

Then the Argentine goalkeeper spoke to the official site of Arsenal, “We did a great job. I think we did our best this season,” he said.

“Previously, when we were late in the score 1-0, we were bending our heads, and now you can see our project and how we can develop.”

And he continued, saying: “You can see how we fight for our coach, for ourselves and our fans, and for our family as well.”

“I think we have made Arsenal fans feel proud now and they deserve it and even more than that,” he said.

“I worked hard for 10 years with this club and now I can feel proud,” he added.

“I talked a lot with my family during the past week and my father did not talk to me much because he was very tense,” he said.

Spaniard Mikel Arteta took over Arsenal before the Corona Virus crisis exploded, and will now raise his first title in his coaching career.

The title came with the feet of Gabonian Aubameyang, who scored two goals in the 28th and 68th minutes, to turn the blues table after advancing with the goal of American Christian Polisic in the sixth minute.

Artita, who entered the match with the goal of achieving the first championship in his career as a first man, will succeed in raising the 14th title in Arsenal’s history and the first title since the 2016-17 season when the artillery won the same title against the same opponent, in a meeting after which Artita lifted the title but as a player .. Now he will raise him As a coach.

Arsenal achieved the England Cup title, ensuring that the team will be in the European League next season directly, while Tottenham will have to play the qualifiers for the tournament, and Wolverhampton did not play in the European competition

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